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 Sharpvox 1.1)___

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PostSubject: Sharpvox 1.1)___   Tue Oct 19, 2010 3:23 pm

SharpVox 1.1 is now ready for your consumption!

As you can see below some graphical changes have happened specially to the list and form!

o- SharpVox now supports conference voice so you can chat one on one with a friend or friends
o- Voice chatters list has been improved thanks to a krypton toolkit
o- Display image tooltips have been removed due to been laggy and have their own form now
o- Some more tweaks to ignore code and regex
o- Some internal code cleanup

Conference options are added to options form

Dermot been my name and SharpVox Room been the conference room name
You would then go to the mic button on top of sharpvox and go to conference -> connect to start the voice conference
Give the other user the conference name and they can connect in with you with another SharpVox
You can pretty much pick any name you like bar some symbols that will cause issues like < and >
You can at present use this also to use in Y!Epics WinBus by using the conference name Win Bus but remember if you're not in winbus with that id, they all auto ignore you.

Known issues:

o- Sharpvox refuses to show on screen when spawned by vcsync, just open taskmanager and skill the sharpvox process and try again.
o- An ignore won't kick in, just unignore and try again

Note: U Must iNSTALL .Net Framework To Open iT Coz Its Coded In C# (CSharp) - Ty

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Sharpvox 1.1)___
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