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 Untouchable Vox D0t N3t Version 1.1

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PostSubject: Untouchable Vox D0t N3t Version 1.1    Sun Oct 17, 2010 4:05 pm

good to know it worked eventually bungkoy
alright here an update for UV .net version 1.1
Visual Basic .Net FrameWork 4.0
GUID: 224afc79-10e5-4bb4-8bae-ac322e87e073
Features Added:
1- enhanced voice socket performance.
2- fixed a minor bug with ignore when dc voice then reconnect now ignored users stay ignored untill you unignore them or close the program.
3- enhanced some of the i/face
Note: some of you guys wondered that if you get voice iggied does that affect the domination? the answer no, how? when you first get listeners lets say 15/15 you are dominating now if someone decided to step over and key up the mic they will get 0/15 now if other users decided to ignore you lets say 10 did ignore you will have 5/15 listeners but the whover decided to step over and key up will still have 0/15 so when they ignore you they might not listen to you anymore but you still get and add up every new voice joiner to your listeners and the rest will always have 0 listeners.
hope that cleared the domination principle nowdays.
another note: vb6 aint good when it comes to voice since most of users are on delphi clients so i decided im gonna crush delphi with vb .net 2010 so you might see many vb6 programs who claim domination well bs and same with delphi clients they dont stand a chance with Untouchable Vox D0t N3t so this one takes cake.Wink

for screen short:
see this link


Downlod it


lol! _Alexander_ lol!

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Untouchable Vox D0t N3t Version 1.1
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